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The Prequel to Harry Potter
Cover by : Joanne Rowling
    published :2008
subject :Fantasy
keywords :Short Story
size : 60.6 KiB in cover
1 MiB in 1 pictures
4.8 KiB in 35 paragraphs
~ 3 pages
added by : ewa4boeker (05 Sep 2017)

Two Muggle policemen chase a speeding motorbike into a dead-end alley, cornering its riders: Sirius Black and James Potter. As the policemen confront the pair, three men fly down the alley on broomsticks. James and Sirius magically upend the policemen's car and the broomsticks crash into it, rendering their riders insensible. As the policemen clutch at each other in fear, Sirius and James return to their motorbike, which flies away.

Rowling concludes the story card with the words, "From the prequel I am not working on – but that was fun!"

Language: English

An 800-word, untitled short story, unofficially known as the Harry Potter prequel, was written by J. K. Rowling in 2008 as part of a charity auction event, for which it fetched £25,000. The story recounts an encounter with muggle police experienced by Sirius Black and James Potter, taking place before the events of the Harry Potter series. The manuscript was stolen in 2017.
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