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Cover by : Emma Goldman
    published :1910
subject :Anarchism
size : 60.2 KiB in cover
391.1 KiB in 734 paragraphs
~ 200 pages
added by : Jotunbane (30 Oct 2010)

Anarchism was central to Goldman's view of the world and she is today considered one of the most important figures in the history of anarchism. First drawn to it during the persecution of anarchists after the 1886 Haymarket affair, she wrote and spoke regularly on behalf of anarchism.

Goldman's anarchism was intensely personal. She believed it was necessary for anarchist thinkers to live their beliefs, demonstrating their convictions with every action and word. "I don't care if a man's theory for tomorrow is correct," she once wrote. "I care if his spirit of today is correct." Anarchism and free association were to her logical responses to the confines of government control and capitalism. "It seems to me that these are the new forms of life," she wrote, "and that they will take the place of the old, not by preaching or voting, but by living them."

Published by Mother Earth Publishing Association

ISBN 0-486-22484-8
Radical Militant Library 0.5.6
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