The Iron Fist Behind the Invisible Hand

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Corporate Capitalism as a State-Guarenteed System of Privilege
Cover by : Kevin Amos Carson
    published :2001
subject :Anarchism
keywords :Mutualism, Capitalism, Free Market, Oppression, Tyranny, Class Warfare
size : 110.4 KiB in cover
85.4 KiB in 198 paragraphs
~ 44 pages
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Purchase a printed copy of this essay here: http://distro.libertarianleft.org/for/contemporary-radicalism/the-iron-fist-behind-the-invisible-hand/?referredby=c4ss.org

The economist Adam Smith famously used the idea of an "invisible hand" to describe the self-regulating nature of a free market.

In this essay, Kevin Carson, a Mutualist (market anarchist), elegantly explains capitalism's feudal origin, its intimate relationship with the state, and why free markets are impossible under capitalist systems. Specifically, he explains how state intervention is and has always been necessary in order to keep the capitalist upper class in power, and he discusses the various forms this has taken throughout history.

An audio reading by Mike Gogulski is available here: http://www.nostate.com/2228/the-iron-fist-beind-the-invisible-hand-audio-mp3-podcast/

Published in 2001 by Red Lion Press

Revised in 2002

Purchase a printed copy from Distro of the Libertarian Left here: http://distro.libertarianleft.org/for/contemporary-radicalism/the-iron-fist-behind-the-invisible-hand/?referredby=c4ss.org

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