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New author.
by : SYSTEM (21 Oct 2017)
Jotunbane added the author Mark Bray.
Kobo Aura ONE Tweaks
by : Jotunbane (03 Oct 2017)
A few tweaks for the Kobo to make it render something that looks readable.

Open the file ".kobo/Kobo/Kobo eReader.conf" on your device.

In the [Reading] section you want:

That should turn off most of the Kobo crap, and just show the book as it is. If you want the option to turn header/footer back on, you can add


to the bottom of the file. That will add a toggle in the settings menu.
Invite only
by : Jotunbane (25 Sep 2017)
Due to abuse the user accounts have been deleted and the site is now invite only, and for "librarians" only.

You are still welcome to borrow a book (thats why we are here), but I dont feel comfortable storing all those email/password combinations from Tor users. Its gets attacked at least once a week, and I would just feel better not having it in my database.

Librarians that need access will need to contact me out of band.
mind your data and keep your eyes wide open
by : ewa4boeker (24 Jun 2017)
Dear readers and librarians, recently the Police in Germany took down the website lul.to by hijacking the IP after identifying the server located in Germany. Many used frequently for having affordable access to DRM freed e-Books and a(udio)-Books in mainly German but also English language.

The late creative beings behind the site mainly made users collect book-entries for items listed on amazon and stripped the DRM using tools available to everybody having a Windows PC. They did not bother to transcribe, remix from different sources, correct or re-author books to make fingerprinting less likely or took any action to protect uploaders and customers. Very often books where simply taken from other sites for free to be sold there. The highly demanded new publications they bought online and made them available for prices of usually 0.2 Euro. And of course they did not only do it for a hobby and reinvest in expensive books to free them, but they took money out from the project for personal gain.

This website saved the user account data besides things like e.g. every download users did, when, which payment way and how much money they added to their accounts. More than 30,000 users are now exposed to possible criminal prosecution or with this permanently available data.

Please keep those things in mind when the presence is not flashy and easy to use or often not available instantly; or the service might be not reachable for some while.
Take any effort you can to protect yourself, fellow readers and our freedoms. Choose carefully whom you pay what ways and keep knowledge preserved in as many places as practical in decentralized networks.

Here at our library all the data stored is voluntary. We do not want to track anything or anyone. We do not want to charge you anything and the costs are paid by the librarians and very few voluntary donors. You can have the source material and the code to produce the books to your needs. If you write messages here and choose to keep them on the server, it is your choice. If you delete, they are gone. You also can choose to encrypt however it suits you and the people to write with.
by : Jotunbane (06 Mar 2017)
I have been getting some random book requests lately. Here are your options when requesting books for the library.

The naked request. Just asking for a book without doing any work yourself. These come in the form of a message saying something like "I can not find this book anywhere, please add it to the library". These are not likely to succeed.

The request WITH source files attached. Go out and find a copy of the book. Upload it somewhere. Then send a message to an ACTIVE librarian, with a link to the book. These are likely to succeed.

Your last option is to find somewhere where the book is for sale. Make a matching donation to the library. Send the request to me. These are guaranteed to succeed. I will then buy the book for You and upload it to the database in your name (if you want to stay anonymous let me know).

In short, when making requests, show a little interest. And while we are at it, we only speak 2 languages here. English and bad english.
A Radical Militant Mirror
by : Shadilay (19 Feb 2017)

I go by the pseudonym Shadilay.
You might have seen me around. I have a particular interest in literature related to Europe, East-Asia and politically incorrect subjects. I'm currently working on converting to epub all the books in the /pol/books collection (which could be found at polbooks.wordpress.com, but has since been removed for copyright infringement).

I want to announce the launch of a Radical Militant Library mirror that I have branded "The Incorrect Library". It barely differs in content from the Radical Militant Library, and hopefully that will remain the case (we still need to implement an easy method of transferring published books from one RMLibrary to another).
The Incorrect Library has some experimental features that you can try out over there before I put them on github.
Just like Jotunbane, I am dedicated to free speech and will not remove anything - unless it does not fullfil objective quality requirements or is not a book.

The Incorrect Library can be found at http://inclibuql666c5c4.onion.

DB dump added to GitHub
by : Jotunbane (11 Feb 2017)
Thats right, as of right now you can find a complete dump of all the books in the database on GitHub. So now you actually have everything you need to set up a mirror of the library. (by request, it should only be a matter of days before the first mirrors show up).

That database is the result of well over 1000 hours of work by the librarians here. If you download it for something other than running a mirror, please consider making a donation to the library.

You are welcome.
In A.D. 2010, war was beginning.
by : Jotunbane (20 Jan 2017)
How are you gentlemen. It was seven years ago today. Ah yes, I remember that day well. I had been slugging away at the importer for about a week, and finally at about 4 in the afternoon, the stars aligned and the fucker actually worked.

The initial plan was to make "Free Culture" by Lawrence Lessig book #1. As it turned out, pictures and footnotes was a little more work than expected, and I was super stoked that shit was working. So instead I made some food, smoked a huge spliff, reset the database and meditated on the "Reading Club" for a while. Back then this was called "Jotunbane's Reading Club For Men", but the "for men" part was quickly dropped.

My next move was a mistake. I took a month "off" (I was unemployed at the time) and simply approached it like a job. Spent all day every day for a full month just adding books. The mistake being that that almost broke me. At the end of that month I was pretty sick of books, and it took some mental gymnastics to drag me back to the project.

The rest, as the say, is history. First outside user signing up was blackstar80. First outside book contribution was from thoth (and he made that from a completely messed up PDF file, before there was any manual). First code contribution. That was by kittyhawk (he made the first code changes without having seen the code, take that).

So what have we learned. Well, for one word of mouth actually works. You don't have to do shit to advertise your service, if it is good (and reliable) people will come. The flip side is that you have to be very patient. And the second thing I have learned is that no matter how utterly useful your service somebody will try to destroy it. We have had about 2 - 3 attacks every year. Total losses, well we lost all the comments once, and I accidentally deleted all the news a couple of times.

Thats it book fans. May our collection of awesome continue to grow to the point where we can meet the reading needs of every nerd. All Your Books Are Belong To Us. For great justice.
Happy New Year
by : Jotunbane (31 Dec 2016)
Meh, it's been a crappy year. Well, some good news first. The library doubled in size again this year. Looking at the number of downloads and number of new users signing up, we are now about twice as large as last year. Welcome to all of you.

We added some nifty features this year. From the readers perspective the biggest will be custom stylesheets, embedded fonts and reading lists. All added to the list of features that only Jotunbane finds useful. Only a single user have even attempted to change the layout of the books, so ... big woop, no one cares.

Now for some sad news. Our old host "OptimusPrime" died this year, he didnt survive the move. So we are now running on my secondary "Ironhide" (I did some testing with hosting it on my laptop, tethered through the Orbot on my android device, it works, but would probably be quite expensive). This is not a good solution, and we are feeling the strain (there is simply too many of you). Unfortunately thats all I can afford right now. We got a total of 1 (one!) donation this year, paying for about 8 hours of connectivity, so currently this is 99% me.

So what can we do about it. Well, let's start with a simple fact. The library will not survive another year at the current growth rate. It has been painful for a while, and since we started embedding fonts in the books (adding about 1Mb to every book) it has been very painful. I can see three possible solutions.

1: "The Hipster Solution" : Move the site to I2P. Tor is too mainstream, we use this other network you probably haven't heard about.
2: "Popularity reset" : Change the onion address. This would also slow down the evil twin problem (we now have at least TWO evil twins).
3: We get some help.

This was also the year when we saw people trying to sell some of the books we make. If you navigate to this page, you will find a strangely familiar book. I find that obnoxious, they didn't even bother to change the link and remove the logo.

User of the year. Well if we have to be honest about it, it's ewa4boeker. Who else? But she took the title last year, so user of the year this year is that guy who actually made a donation. Thanks a lot dude (or dudette), that means a lot.
Introducing Reading Lists
by : Jotunbane (16 Dec 2016)
In a fit of x-mas spirit I implemented "Reading Lists" today. The thinking is that most books are part of a series, and we need a way to express that. At the moment this information is in the colophon, where it doesn't belong.

If you sign in, you can make your own reading lists for the world to see.

Should make it a lot easier to actually find the books that naturally go together. Enjoy.
a kilo that you can easily hold in your hand, enjoy reading, help publishing and distribute
by : ewa4boeker (19 Sep 2016)
Dear fellow readers and librarians, I am happy remark:
Today we celebrate 1,000st book.

Just a number; much more important is: If you miss something or have ideas to make this place even better, get involved, let us know and help each other to fill the endless shelves with the content you appreciate.

Big thanks to Jotunbane and everybody involved to make this library possible.
Custom Stylesheets
by : Jotunbane (11 Apr 2016)
You can now adjust the layout of the books to suit your needs.

If it is just a single document that is rendering wrong for you, you can now adjust that with a stylesheet called "document1" (where 1 is the id of the document you want to change).

Always wanted to have Cory Doctorows books show up in pink? Well now you can, just add a stylesheet called "author1".

Next we check for a subject specific stylesheet. Always wanted your fantasy books to have some elven shit in the margins? Add a stylesheet called "subject4".

Last we check for a private "default". So now you no longer have to live with some annoying render bug, or maybe you just have a different taste in layout, either way create a stylesheet named "default" and away you go. If you have a private stylesheet called "default", this is used as the basis for any new stylesheets you create.

If none of these are found, the Global Default is used (which is my default, the one you are used to).
Version 0.5.5 (revision 257)
by : admin (10 Feb 2016)
- fixed mimetype file
- correct comments in CSS
- & in titles
- disable download of draft documents
- hanging indents and ordered lists
- comments under 50 byte produce an error
- delete element (by kittyhawk)
- global namechange
- password changer (by German Tag Team)
- display rating consistently (by German Tag Team)
- Warning graphics at login (by German Tag Team)
- Use default image for author and cover if no image given
- Prefix for all functions changed to 'RML'

The German Tag Team has asked to remain anonymous.
Songs and Screensavers
by : Jotunbane (02 Feb 2016)
People asked me to re post those Nina Paley songs.

So here is Copying is Not Theft, and The Attribution Song, and the TED talk Copyright is Brain Damage (my all time favorite TED talk).

If your e-reader allows you to add a custom screensaver, you can try the Radical Militant Librarians one, or maybe the always awesome Readers Against DRM.
Happy Birthday #ReadingClub
by : Jotunbane (20 Jan 2016)
That's right book fans, it was 6 years ago today that the first book went online on our favorite library. Six years is a long time in onion land, actually I am having a hard time finding ANY onion services that are older.

So how did we get here. That's actually ALL because of you. I have done absolutely nothing to "spread" the service (Not entirely true, I did drop a link on Ahmia, and I told both of the people I know that own e-readers (hey guys).), because I don't really care about getting "users", as I have said a couple of times, this was not done for You, I made this for myself.

The biggest hurdle for contributors right now is probably the very steep learning curve you have to climb to actually get the importer to work. Some of you will hate me for this, but that is actually by design. If I made it too easy to contribute we would get a lot more books, in a generally horrible quality. But quantity is NOT the goal here, we are not trying to make just another random edition, we are making THE edition (if the book is worth doing, it is worth doing it right). So clean up your input, and the errors will go away (and it's not hard, I made +160 books in the first month).

So where do we go from here. I will continue to add the new books that I buy. If I seem to take some long breaks it is because I also read the books that I upload, and fix any mistakes in them. The books are not all perfect, but they fail gracefully, and they will get better over time. So chin up, and enjoy the books.
Happy New Year.
by : Jotunbane (31 Dec 2015)
As usual the last post of the year is a recap. We passed both 1 and 200.000 downloads this year, quite a lot more than I expected so good going. We now count 1763 registered users. Thats 1133 new users. Welcome to all of you.

User of the year this year will have to be ewa4boeker, for being the second "Master" librarian and being the first to use the interface in new and unintended ways (I am thinking of that book with censored sections).

Book of the year. Well, it's been a slow year. According to goodreads its "Go Set a Watchman" by Nelle Harper Lee. I think Bruce Schneier made a more important contribution with "Data and Goliath".

So whats on the horizon for 2016? First and foremost I will add a Markdown importer for books that are simple running text. I think this feature was first suggested by vv01f. Then I will add a triumphant return of the custom book/custom style sheet system. And then we badly need a way to change the password and the email on your account.
Going for "Elite"
by : Jotunbane (25 Apr 2015)
I mentioned that there was a rating above "Jedi". The rating is of course "Elite" and you will be hard pressed to get there. But people need an incentive (other than the rating) to actually do it.

So here goes. If you reach a librarian rating of "Elite" you will win a Cybook Ocean (the prize may change over time, but will always be the top-model). That leaves the problem of handing out prizes on an anonymous system, we will cross that bridge when we get there.

Happy Hunting.
#readingclub on OFTC
by : Jotunbane (20 Mar 2015)
I have set up a channel on IRC for those cases when you need help with something right now. Drop in for a book chat or just to bug me about the missing manual :)
Version 0.5.4 (rev. 105)
by : admin (30 Jan 2015)
- Succesful sign up log's in
- New users use the anonymous avatar
- Removed BTC donation information
- Epub services introduced
- Removed images on news.
- Slightly smaller logo.
- Pagecount on documents.
- All Subjects view option.
- Most downloaded books added to frontpage.
- Show number of downloads on books.
- New buttons.
- Home button on all pages.
- Only show pagination if more than one page.
- Misc. cleanup.
- Reply to messages.
- Backwards workflow (un-publish).
- Edit paragraphtype on elements.

Yeah, it's been a while since I updated the version.
Happy "Public Domain" Day
by : Jotunbane (31 Dec 2014)
I usually give a short recap of the year that went. And this year is no different. The bad news first. The laws are still broken, the publishers are still not getting it and are still trying to peddle crappy looking ebooks priced like heirlooms.

[from ...]
Perhaps the most troubling aspect of the current copyright term is that in most cases, the cultural harm is not offset by any benefit to an author or rights holder. Unlike the famous works highlighted here, the vast majority of works from 1958 do not retain commercial value, but they are presumably off limits to users who do not want to risk a copyright lawsuit. This means that no one is benefiting from continued copyright, while the works remain both commercially unavailable and culturally off limits. The public loses the possibility of meaningful access for no good reason.

Luckily for us. I happen to be "a reader who want to risk a copyright lawsuit". And because of the magic that is the internet, all it takes is one.

Now for some good news. The growth rate (measured by number of downloads and number of new users signing up) has been over 10% per month all year. I now count 630 registered users. So welcome to all the new users we added this year. And a special welcome to kittyhawk, who came in around September, spent a couple of days getting to grips with the interface, and then actually out-published me the last couple of months. Good job.

I was hoping (and planning) to unveil the manual today. But reality got in the way of that. I know that a couple of you are waiting for it, and I want to thank you for being so patient. It really is coming.

Since you can now see the download counter on the books, I am not going to recap the "most downloaded" this year, you can see that for yourself. But I will try to name a book of the year. 3 titles caught my eye this year, "Hacker, Hoaxer, Whistleblower, Spy" by Biella. "No Place to Hide" by Glenn Greenwald and "Information Doesn’t Want to Be Free" by Cory Doctorow. If we look at the number of downloads, then biella wins. I feel that Glenn Greenwald's book is a lot more important, it may not be a comfortable read, but if you only read one book this year, it better be that one.

So I guess thats it. Happy x-mas, jul, hanukkah, kwanza or whatever imaginary friend you favor. Let's make 2015 an awesome year where we add a lot of new books and people actually start commenting on the books that they read ;)
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